Another Groaning

I have a yearning to know Yah,
To be consumed by the Holy,
In my every action to please Him.
I desire to serve Yeshua with all that I am.

And what do I do when He is silent?
What do I do with the questions in my mind?
It’s not a lack of faith
It’s not pursuing other loves
It’s an ache that I don’t know what He’d do;
It’s a longing to understand Him better.

A good friend just knows what you’d do,
They can anticipate what you’d say.
And when there is silence.
When the silence is void of communication.
Where do I go from there?

Oh God I must know You.
You must come because I am nothing without You.
In these things I don’t know where to turn.
Speak. Please speak.

Put Your words so soft, so sweet
Deep into my heart and root them there;
Plant them deep where they cannot be lost.
Lost when I get confused
Lost when I begin to doubt;
Remind me of Your faithfulness.
Tell me our story one more time.

Cause this heart to love You.
Cause these eyes to seek You alone.
I am yearning
I am longing
For more.


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