I sing this, but do I live it?

Around every corner
And up every mountain
We’re not lookin’ for crowns
Or water from fountains
I’m desperately seeking
I’m frantic believing
That the sight of Your face
Is all that I’m needing

It’s a Juan chorus (a worship leader with whom I sing). I’ve had it on my wall for a couple months now in a form of asking myself if I truly believe it and live like it’s true.

Church today was all about quantum physics and this church. So if quantum physics is true, then I can sing that chorus because I want to live like that’s true, and it will be true because God is outside of time and if time isn’t linear (because God has a correct view of time and He doesn’t view time as linear), then the statement would be true because the same time I am living now (when the statement isn’t true), I am living in the future (when the statement will, hopefully, be true).

Yeah..complicated. I’ve been talking to Ben too much…All that to say that I want to believe that the sight of Jesus’ face is all that I need. There…there’s the Alyssa way of saying it.


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