It’s About Time…

That I announced this:

First Together Picture

Josiah and I are courting!

Ok, so we’ve been courting for over a month officially (and it’s been in-the-workings for 4 months!).

A little background…Josiah and I have known each other for about 4 years. We both come from homeschool families and have similar backgrounds (Catch this – his parents taught me in Sunday School when I was 5! TRIPPY!). We met through our church, the Rock. He was involved in starting RHOP, the prayer room where I now work.

We didn’t know each other well, then he did the internship at the Rock and I went off to IHOP. Well, long story short, I was working the bookstore at the OneThing Sacramento this March and we ended up talking for a long time and that started a close friendship. Then (cutting out another large chunk of happenings), God spoke to both of us that we were supposed to be together. We struggled with how to ask my dad for permission, etc., but after much prayer, stretching, and asking for counsel, we began courting on July 31st.

So far it’s been the most wonderful, stretching, making-me-vulnerable thing I’ve ever experienced! But I love every minute of it. I am learning so much through watching Josiah respond to seeing my weakness just as the Lord would respond, and learning to do the same for him. As our friend Nicholas would say, “I highly recommend the courting experience!”

Thanks for your prayers as we embark on this journey!


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