My Subject Has Come Up Again…

I’m sitting here on the verge of tears over reading Kaiser Permanente’s description of abortion. How they can so blatantly lie will never cease to amaze me. How they can so easily interchange the words “baby,” “pregnancy,” and “abortion” completely shocks me. Then, when they are describing the abortion procedures, they say “tissue” (however, if you want to keep your “baby,” that’s quite alright with them).

However, what disgusts me more than Kaiser is this website. It’s Planned Parenthood’s teen-geared, sex-promoting site. It amazes me how PP blatantly lies that emergency contraceptives aren’t abortions, that it’s not more difficult to get pregnant after having an abortion, that PAS exists, or that having an abortion makes you more susceptible to breast cancer. And look at how they portray CPCs!

Oh, this disgusting, money-driven industry! I will stand on my place on the wall and cry out to my God for justice.

(FYI – here’s the link to my favorite pro-life website, Abort73)


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