I recently switched to the NightWatch at my prayer room to help Juan (a leader of our House) with our first Fire in the Night internship. I am loving it…especially my tripled personal time in the prayer room.

The other night as I drove home and the sky was tinged blue in preparation for the sunrise, I suddenly felt rising in my heart a softness…a softness towards the Lord that I have missed in recent months. My eyes brimmed with tears as I enjoyed the sweetness I hadn’t even realized I was missing. It was that feeling of, “why would I want to go one moment without the attitude of my heart being complete love towards the Lord?”

I first felt this tenderness creep into my spirit during my internship at IHOP a year and a half ago. I realize that most people have never experienced this internal change, so they cannot comprehend how their daily lives would be enhanced by living there. I am attributing the privilege of this attitude of heart to simply setting myself before the Lord more. For me, my season of that is in the prayer room, but I am not convinced that is the only place this can occur. I believe that just the act – regardless of feelings attached – of setting yourself before the Lord and simply saying, “Here I am,” can allow the Holy Spirit tenderize your heart to His presence in your life.

I have never heard someone specifically talk about this; this is solely coming from my own experience. If someone else has more ample words to describe what I am experiencing, please do state your own observations.


3 thoughts on “Softness

  1. silence….living in a world full of noise……to be radical is to sit and be silent before the Creator….there is something about the Night Watch…theres that residue that lingers as you drive home and think deeply about the greatness of God and why the Lord has graced YOU, of all people, with His presence…as the sun slowly peeks its pink and oranges over the horizon, i breathe deep knowing that the promise of His return WILL BE FULFILLLED… i sit in silence, in awe….

  2. I concur. The experience of silence and softness towards the Lord are beautiful feelings that can hardly be expressed in words. Your observations make me question my own understanding of these concepts and check my heart. How often do I esperience this?am I waiting for an “experience” or am I living as if my life depended uon it? So glad you are enjoying the night watch sister.

  3. Grr…sorry for the misspellings. The comment section is a little messed up and I can’t read what I’m typing….

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