Why are We Content?

This is me venting.

A friend of mine came home from IHOP for Thanksgiving this week. Just knowing that when I see her she will have changed immensely got me thinking. She’s been at IHOP for almost a year; I was only there for 6 months. I know that she will not only be fascinated by God, but have an eternal perspective, be rooted in the Word, be wise, entertain deep conversation…I know that I will be jealous to go back to IHOP when I see her.

I am so dissatisfied with the state of RHOP. I know the Lord has so much for us. I know that IHOP considers us one of the main houses of prayer in the country. I know, I know.

But I don’t see. All I see are people who are not rooted in the Word, people who feast on material pleasures because they can’t stand to face that void of God in themselves. I am pointing no fingers. I am one of “them.” I am dull, I am earthly-minded. I am not hungry, neither are they. We are just surviving; we don’t live like royalty; we don’t live with urgency.

I know what it’s like at IHOP. I also know how easy it would be to go, how easy it would be to slide right in with them again. But I know that I know that I am supposed to be at RHOP right now. I cannot take the easy way out. I choose to be content where the Lord has me.

But I am not content to let our spiritual state stay here in this stagnant place. We must move on, we must grasp eternity.

Father, I want to desire You again! I want to live and breathe to honor You. I am so sick of living and fumbling and hoping I am going where You are leading me. I am so sick of only being able to sit before you for an hour before getting antsy. I am so sick of my soul being weighed down by things of life. I want to want only You. I yearn for that sweetness of Your presence which walks with me and whispers a lovesong in my ear. I must have You.


One thought on “Why are We Content?

  1. Thanks for the compliment, it’s what happens when inspiration and imagination combine late into the morning. You have quite the interesting reading list, Machiavelli, Bacon, and Kelly. What is the whole International House of Prayer thing about? I’ve heard about it in passing, but.. don’t know all that much.

    And if you’re really interested in Kelly’s thing about the internal prayer, you should check out: St. John of the Cross’s “Dark night of the soul” and Thomas Keating’s writings about contemplative prayer–but if IHOP is about praying you must have encountered contemplative prayer.

    Well, happy thanks giving!

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