Gathering a Vote

Unsure of how to vote today? Here’s what I’ve compiled from several trusted sources.

Hugh Hewitt, 6 days ago, on splitting the vote:

“Romney’s third consecutive strong performance in a debate will almost certainly lead to a rise day-to-day over the next six days in key states, but whether he rises fast or far enough depends primarily on the Huckabee voters’ recognition that continued allegiance to the Huck spells a McCain nomination and all that means for the next nine months.”

Excerpt from John McCain Hates Me by Michael Reagan (read the rest here):

Until last night, when I watched the Republican debate, I had no idea how much John McCain dislikes me and just about everybody else but Rudy Giuliani, who if you believe The New York Times is a pretty good hater himself.

As I watched McCain and Governor Romney go at it during the debate at the Reagan Library I was struck by the huge gap that separates McCain — whose contempt for his fellow humans is patently obvious — and my dad, Ronald Reagan, who had nothing but the deepest affection and respect for the American people.

The feeling is mutual between McCain and me. I don’t like the way he treats people. You get the impression that he thinks everybody is beneath him. He seems to be saying, “I was a war hero, and you had damn well better treat me as your superior.”

He has contempt for conservatives who he thinks can be duped into thinking he’s one of them, despite such blatantly anti-conservative actions as his support for amnesty for illegal immigrants, his opposition to the Bush tax cuts which got the economy rolling again, and his campaign finance bill which skewed the political process and attacked free speech.

Here is an analysis of Rush’s position on the candidates. It states:

Limbaugh, who makes a point of saying he does not officially endorse in the primaries, has nonetheless praised Romney effusively, repeated Romney’s policy talking points, defended him against attacks from fellow conservatives, and after Romney’s win in Michigan this week, declared him the front-runner.

Just as tellingly, Limbaugh has been crusading against Huckabee and McCain, whom he does not consider real conservatives or suitable heirs to the Reagan legacy.

If either wins the nomination, “it’s going to destroy the Republican Party,” he told listeners Tuesday.

See Huckabee and Romney in top form (with some exposure on the lying, negative McCain) in the Reagan Library debate.

I am still all for Huckabee…I have been from the beginning of this race. But if a vote for Huckabee is really vote for McCain as Rush declares, that scares me more than I can say.

Today by some miracle, Huckabee will come from nowhere as an underdog and all will be well. The second best option is that Romney wins California and we have an intelligent businessman in office. I think I’m satisfied with either of those senarios…just not the likely McCain nomination.

God, let us vote in wisdom.


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