Enjoyable Prayer, Part 1

For years I thought that prayer was the most dry, boring thing and I only capitulated when things were really bad or I was on a spiritual high (those happened about once a year). Don’t get me wrong, I did talk to God, I’ve always loved just carrying on a mental conversation with Him, but no way would you find me sitting and praying because I liked it.

Now it seems very ironic that I packed up and went to IHOP, a place where the main focus is prayer. I remember thinking, “Maybe there’s something cool about prayer, I dunno, they seem to like it a lot.” But I sure didn’t think they’d turn me into a person who’d want to sit in a room and pray for the rest of my life!

So how did I get to that point? How did I go from hating the idea of sitting and praying to the full-time occupation of sitting and praying? That’s what this little series of posts is about. If you’re interested in a prayer life that’s actually enjoyable, then keep reading.


One thought on “Enjoyable Prayer, Part 1

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