Enjoyable Prayer, Part 2

Recently as I was pacing in the prayer room, I noticed 3 objects lying next to the sound booth: a health magazine, a conference on evangelism, and a Christian self-help book. Tears came to my eyes as I realized that we are so bored with God.

We all want to be entertained, stimulated, stare at something fascinating. We go out and have our guilty entertainment pleasures and come to the prayer room to have our “spiritual time.” But as soon as we walk out the door, we turn up the music and move on with the interesting things of life.

So how do we go from looking forward to movie-and-ice-cream-night to looking forward to praying to an invisible God?

For me, it all started with being surrounded by a whole bunch of people who loved prayer. Three days after I arrived to do my internship at IHOP, I wrote this:

“I am beginning to see the importance of prayer as a lifestyle, not just a thing on the side. The people here are so illogical; they will get day care or whatever they have to do to just go sit in a room for hours and hours.”

I was completely blown away by a people who believed prayer was so important that they caused their entire lives to revolve around it. So I started looking for the why behind what they did. I didn’t have to look far; I began to experience a different side of God than I had ever known: a Father who wanted to tell me how much He loved me, a Son who gave all that He had to make me His bride, and a Spirit that told me my prayers were vitally important to God’s purposes.

The natural progression of feeling valued is that you begin to walk in confidence. You are able to enjoy prayer when you believe that your little voice makes a big difference before God’s throne. When you start believing that He places great value on you and on your partnership with His plans, prayer becomes a “want to” versus a “have to.”


3 thoughts on “Enjoyable Prayer, Part 2

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