The Danger of Remaining Blind – Part 3

If you’ve been following the series, you may relate to me and know that we need to take some of this before the Lord. Maybe not, but if that’s you, you are who I’m talking to.

My opinion is that we’re content. We’re so content with what we know about God that we don’t bother to get to know Him.

If I am married to someone, I want them to be able to make an executive decision involving me without having to ask because they know me so well. In the same way, God’s given us stewardship – sovereignty – over His creation and I want to preside over it the way that He would.

I want to know what God is thinking, what He feels about things I’m passionate about – abortion, homosexuality, the prayer movement – what He would do in a situation without having to ask. That’s only possible through daily encounter with Him. I’m not even talking about sitting in a prayer room for hours. I’m just talking about the whispers throughout the day that invite Him into little things in our lives.

If I want to be able to describe a beautiful Being not because I’ve heard about Him or read about Him but because I’ve encountered Him, Jesus told us we just have to ask.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.” Rev. 3:20


5 thoughts on “The Danger of Remaining Blind – Part 3

  1. Do you think that being a person who worships God means you have to have such a relationship? If you dont have a daily relationship with God, can you still be a Christian?

  2. In answer to Azarak I think we’re all different. We all have different mental and emotional strengths and so we will all relate to God in different ways.

  3. @ azarak: To use my marriage analogy again, you can be married to someone and hardly speak to them just because you don’t make time. I think that many Christians (and many couples) live their entire lives this way. In short, yes, you can be a Christian without having a ‘daily relationship with God,’ it’s just not the kind of Christianity that I want anymore.

  4. ‘Do you think that being a person who worships God means you have to have such a relationship?’

    You know what the first thought that came to my mind when i read this? – Why? Why, only take half the gift?

    To worship God surely you need to have a theological foundation to why you do it and my question to you is that if you have read God’s word and have a good foundation to your worship; that is, aligned with the plumb line of God’s eternal purpose then how can you not thirst, not hunger, not long for more of Him?
    To know Him more, to be able to discern truth and purity to dwell into His word and let His spirit do the unthinkable and cause you to love Him for He first loved you.

    I’m not trying to attack you, believe me i’m not, i’ve just begun to grasp the idea of thirsting after Him and missing Him when you’re not in His presence and it’s incredible.

    I urge you to make an effort because it makes Him smile and there’s nothing better than the feeling of the creator of the universe smiling on you.

  5. juliapalio –

    I assume you are addressing azarak. I completely agree with what you’re saying.

    I think you and I know from experience that once you taste what you have called “the plumb line of God’s eternal purpose”, part of His gift to you is that you hunger after Him more. As they say, “it takes God to love God.” He satisfies your soul while at the same time causing you to want more of Him.

    I also know from personal experience that this kind of hunger cannot be manufactured. It is a gift — one that I would encourage azarak and every Christian to ask for, but still a gift.

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