It’s Like a Church

When I was writing the post about how I like the new prayer room, I thought of the very touchy subject which no one around here talks about openly: we’re a prayer room, are we a church?

We’re still RHOP, same staff, most of the same teams, but now we’re a prayer room inside of a church. I was put in an awkward position recently when asked the question, “Oh, is that a church?” Before, I could always confidently answer, “No, but it’s like a church” (while thinking in my head it’s really what the Church
should look like). But I was like a deer in headlights when posed that question the other day. I stared at the woman with a rather confused thought process as I stuttered, “Uh no, it’s like a church, it’s like a church.” But I walked away thinking, I dunno, is it a church now?

RHOP never claimed to be a church. Whenever someone asked directly, we deflected by saying that we never meant to take the place of the local church, only to facilitate a place of prayer for those called to sit before the Lord (1 Chronicles 15–17). Maybe now we could say that we’re just a prayer room inside of a church. But the goal with moving locations was to transform this church into a house of prayer, so that one’s out. So we’re back to the question: is it a church?

The reason why I said we deflected in saying that we didn’t want to take the place of the local church is because my opinion is that a prayer room is what the Church is supposed to look like. Now, we by no means walk in the fullness of that, but it is a more apostolic entity than any other I have encountered.

So yes, I do believe we are a church, of sorts. I don’t want to get into the whole subject of where the Church is in her spiritual walk (i.e. living out the sermon on the mount). I guess I’m just trying to make that point that as a prayer room we’re not trying to take the place of the Church, we’re trying to transform her.


One thought on “It’s Like a Church

  1. I think prayer is certainly part of the church but what the church is supposed to look like is an altogether different question. I think we can underestimate the impact culture, history and our own agendas have on church stucture. What is church supposed to look like? Interesting question. Is it even meant to look the same? The chuch is the Body of Christ. Your eye doesn’t look like your finger but both are part of the body

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