I Like This “Abortion Contortion”

Though this article is slanted with a pro-Obama pro-choice viewpoint, hearing a frustrated Democrat claim John McCain is getting pro-choice votes because he “looks like a maverick” is encouraging to this pro-life Republican. Lithwick sounds like she’s shaking in her boots that McCain might steal some — albeit, much needed — votes from Barack Obama.

Sorry to allow my passion for politics to seep through on this blog, but even just in regards to the pro-life movement, this article is encouraging. (Though I’m sure that was Lithwick’s last intention!)


One thought on “I Like This “Abortion Contortion”

  1. Don’t apologise for matters political. Unless you’re keeping quiet for career reasons politics is essentially important.

    Sometimes I wonder if you are not a clone of one of my best friends. She’s mad into prayer, is chairperson of a local branch of a pro-life charity and also does some graphic design although her work is more of a multimedia nature

    Be Blessed Sister :-)

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