The Friday Diversion – Week XI

***This is being posted 50 minutes into Saturday because my birthday is this weekend and I’ve been super busy…Sorry for the delay!***

Every Thursday night, I’m on an intercession set that prays for Israel. We study the Jewish people together and this year we’re celebrating the Jewish feasts. In light of that, I thought the poems below were amusing.
(Note: “goyim” = Gentiles)

How odd
Of God
To choose
The Jews

— William Norman Ewer

But not so odd
As those who choose
A Jewish God,
But spurn the Jews

— Retort by Cecil Browne

Not odd
Of God
The goyim
Annoy ‘im

— Retort by Leo Rosten


2 thoughts on “The Friday Diversion – Week XI

  1. You were once a goyim/gentile…
    But no more a goy; but grafted in.
    When you decided to follow
    Messiah Jesus and His Father
    You became a full fledged citizen:
    Of the Commonwealth of Israel!

    You are not a goy anymore
    You are physically & sriritually
    A heir to the Promised Land
    Abraham’s seed, But a sojourner.
    Waiting for Joshua/Yeshua (Jesus)
    To lead us across the Jordan

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