Love & Humility

“If an experience fails to engender humility, charity, mortification, holy simplicity, and silence, etc., of what value is it?…In this faith God supernaturally and secretly teaches the soul and, in a way unknown to it, raises it up in virtues and gifts…When together with the words and concepts the soul is loving God and simultaneously experiencing this love with humility and reverence, there is indication that the Holy Spirit is at work within it.” -St. John of the Cross

As I was driving today, these were my thoughts…

I have experienced deep pain, I have felt the sting of betrayal, the dagger of rejection; I have felt the offense of close friends, I have been torn by the gossip of others. I have seen the hypocrisy of leadership and not pointed my finger; I have stood in the face of being falsely accused.

I have been wrong. I am often wrong. I have hurt people close to me. I have spoken pointed words knowing exactly where they will hurt the most.

And in all of this, in every situation, in all human and spiritual relationships, I have seen that only two things are worth experiencing them all: love and humility. If I can come out of these situations, whether I am the injurer or the offender, with love and humility, it’s worth it.

I’m not trying to rewrite a letter from Paul, though skimming them last night is probably why this is on my mind. It’s sounds so simple: respond well, taking the low road and love through the hard things. Yet so many of us choose the easy way of offense, selfishness, and pride, so we stay in our immature state.

I know many people who are twice my age and still take the easy path. I want to set my face towards the low, unattractive door. I want to come out of every situation with a little more love and a little more humility.

Everyone’s Looking for Love

All my life I looked forward to that special someone…not knowing that I thought it would satisfy an ache only the Lord could satiate.

It sounds paradoxical; I have everything that the world says is the peak of happiness: love and security in a relationship – someone who holds me and thinks I’m wonderful – and yet I am not satisfied.

How is it that I have everything that the world tells me I need and I still want more? The “more” that I want is God. I’m not trying to be cliché; this isn’t something I was so sure about my whole life. I didn’t know that when that “special someone” came along, I would want the Lord more than ever.

I guess what I’m saying is that if you’re a single out there, know that even though “that person” may be wonderful, they will by no means satisfy that longing that the Lord can fulfill. It took me quite a while to find this out myself, but now I have experiential knowledge on the subject.